Window Art

window art

Summer vacation is here and there’s no other time of the year to be more creative with the kids.

They are always around.

With my daughter’s birthday in the beginning of the season, a very good friend of ours gave her, as a b-day gift, The Window Art Book by the editors of Klutz.

I love the Klutz books, because they come with supplies to let you dive right into the project and once you understand the idea you will always be able to use them to guide you in new projects.

That’s my point.

Even if you don’t have the book you can buy the special squirt-on paint for window art on the Klutz website.

With these special paints you can draw anything in a plastic surface. I’ve tried in a zipper-style sandwich bag and it worked.

Before you start, you have to choose a picture with continued lines and, very important, a picture than can easily be filled.

Here is the step by step for Window Art Creations.


You will need:

  • Window paint
  • Zipper-style sandwich bag
  • Lots of designs to trace
  • Black paint for outlining
  • Assorted colors of paint to fill the picture
  • Cotton swab to wipe the paint away if it goes where it shouldn’t

Caution: windows art colors are plastic; they can permanently bond to or stain other plastic surfaces. Put your finished window art pieces on glass windows, mirrors, and glassware ONLY.

Tips for peeling: 1. Let the colors dry thoroughly (it will take 24 hours) but if you are having trouble peeling off your art, try putting it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. 2. If two areas of your window art touch, they could stick permanently. Again, try to put the piece in the refrigerator for a minute or two, you then might be able to coax the layers apart.

Click on the images to go to the Klutz products homepage.

9780545459907_default_pdp 0767453411_default_quickLook


Note: The window arts in the pics of this post were made by my daughter.


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