Modeling Clay Dog

dog modeling clay

Hi guys!

This post is very similar to that one about “Clay Doll Food” (I mean, the same material and basically same idea – play and create with modeling clay) but this time I used the clay to do a dog, and the reason I would like to show you this cute dog is that I was surfing on the web when I saw some more easy tutorials to design other animal figurines at that I really would like to share with you all.

Also, there are some tips I would like you to know about.

Air Dry Modeling Clay

During my workshops with young kids I’ve been using Foamies® air dry modeling clay in white.

Why white? I’ll be very honest: I’ve already tried the modeling clay in black and also in red but they crumbled. So, I decided to use only white. It works well and can be painted after drying.


For the painting you can use specific clay paints, tempera or poster paint. I like to use canvas acrylic paints, too. They don’t crack and can be applied as many coats as you need.

Plastic Bead






Use them to decorate your figurines. I used black ones for the dog eyes. It’s up to you!

Safety first

Please, remember: the clay could leave a residue on surfaces. Protect everything wrapping the items you will use to roll the clay dough and lay the pieces with plastic film.


Now, it’s your turn! To get you inspired, I’m proud to present some figurines made by kids during a workshop day.

Here they are!





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